Pipe Work

Our fabricated pipework systems have been installed throughout the UK. From the initial concept to commissioning Lilleker Engineering have been delivering pipework systems for more than 30 years.

Our installation teams have gained years of experience installing systems in a variety of materials including carbon steel, Stainless Steel and Copper. All our welders are coded and all welding is carried out to EN 287 – 1 2004  and ASME IX current standards.

We can offer to install new pipework systems or modify existing pipework systems and we pride ourselves in making sure that any installation will have minimal effect to your production requirements.

We can provide documentation for any project we undertake, that includes material test certificates, consumable test certificates, welder procedure certification, welder qualification certification, pressure test certification and non-destructive test certification. Giving you the confidence that whatever pipework installation you have whether large or small it will be carried out to the same standards.

Our installation teams are experience in lagging which means on many occasions we can insulate the pipework while installing it, this means we can offer a complete installation with reduced costs.