Aluminium Fabrication

We manufacture a variety of aluminium fabrications to suit our customer requirements. The most common grades of aluminium we work with are:

1050A Excellent corrosion resistance & highly ductile used on most general fabrications.
5083-0 Highly resistant to extreme environments (sea water) & retains exceptional strength after welding used in shipbuilding & vehicle bodies.
6082-T6 Medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance used for structural fabrications.

Aluminium alloys are supplied as sheet, plate, extrusions, tube and wire. All forms can be fabricated into finished products using a wide range of processes.
Aluminium can be cut by many different methods depending on the shape and form. Aluminium sheet & plate material we can cut by laser cutting, plasma cutting or guillotine. Aluminium extrusions, sections and bars we cut by circular saw.

Most grades of aluminium can be formed easily we form sheet, plate & tube with our CNC press brake, hydroform bender, bending rolls both hand and NC controlled and hydraulic tube bender.

Joining aluminium products is usually done by TIG welding. Aluminium must be cleaned before welding as it has a tough oxide layer on its surface which has a higher melting point than the aluminium. This is usually removed mechanically using a wire or an abrasive wheel. Due to its high thermal conductivity aluminium needs four times the amount of heat applied to it than steel, larger parts may require pre-heating prior to welding. Aluminium does not change colour at its reaches its melting point and has a low melting point temperature consequently care must be taken not to overheat the material.
Aluminium can also be joined very successfully using resistance welding, riveting or adhesive bonding.

Aluminium is commonly finished by anodising which is an electrical process that is used to increase the surface oxide film on the material. This gives the aluminium a better corrosion resistance; dyes can be added to the process to colour the aluminium. Aluminium can also be painted / powder coated after manufacture.